CLASH started in 2018 as a small Virtual Zine project in Western Massachusetts that showcased the art of local creators. In 2020, CLASH restarted as a Virtual Universe, using Unity Game Engine to create a free-roam world and connect a database of creators on the web. Today, CLASH has evolved into a growing team of dedicated developers bringing you content, connection, and resources to thrive as a small artist in the valley & beyond.
In 2022, the clash team grew as we opened our first studio space in South Deerfield - this hub acted as headquarters for CLASH creator events, meet-ups, and workshops. Today, we contine to host workshops, pop-up events, and work to connect small creators in Western Mass to deeper connections and broader audiences.

Meet the Makers

Jordan Demitria

Mother. Artist. Writer. Web & Graphic Designer. Jordan is our Founder with 20 years of experience in Graphic and Computer Design. Jordan uses her creative eye to focus in on the User's Experience and is passionate about using her skills to connect and engage local creators and families.


Entreprenur, Artist. Surfer. Yoga Instructor. Scientist. Researcher. Co-Founder. Nicole is our lead out on the West Coast and uses her natural canvassing skills to spread word about CLASH while meeting creators on the ground. You can find Nicole featured on our Showcast where she runs segments on what inspires her most; getting awakening information out to the public on health, wellness, and autonomy.

Contact CLASH

Are you interested in collaborating with CLASH or working with our team? Do you have any questions, comments, or suggestions? Would you like to be featured on our podcast, or know someone who would? Please fill out the contact form below and we look forward to making contact.